Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Distance Learning Education


Distance Learning Education

Author: Michael Bustamante 

The advantage of distance learning education is that it enables students to receive instruction without having to be physically present while "attending class." Vocational schools and trade schools that provide distance learning education are fast becoming an innovative component to academics and earning degrees. Distance learning is a popular form of academics because of its convenience, both for teachers and students.

A thorough distance learning education may be achieved in many ways: via correspondence through regular mail, over the Internet, tele-course broadcasting, radio or television presentations, CD-ROM, interactive computer courses on CD, and now by PC Mobile Learning (by accessing course content from a mobile server). Distance learning online schools often permit students to study at their own pace, though some courses of study will follow a particular schedule.

Distance learning schools may have faculty residing anywhere in the world, as they needn't be physically present to teach. Instructors can guide students by providing electronic feedback on the student's progress; lectures, questionnaires, assignments, examinations, and interviews can all be conducted online.

Many trade schools that provide distance learning offer certificates and/or degrees in various fields of study. In addition, some online trade schools may participate in college grants, such as the Pell Grant and other state and federal loan and grant programs for students.

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